WB-Grainfield seed wheat for sale

00Edited_WestBred_Logo_PrimaryThis wheat is from:  WestBred
Pedigree: WestBred & K-State experimentals.
This wheat is good for:  areas west of I-35 and south of I-80, the panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas and far eastern Colorado.  Not a good wheat for southeast Kansas.
Notes:  Be patient, it is a bit slow to emerge in the fall.

WB-Grainfield* is a medium-late maturing wheat variety with good test weight, standability and WB-Grainfieldwinter hardiness.  This is a pretty wheat to look at in the field and yielded very well for Reisig Seeds last year considering the droughty conditions.  We expect some high yields this summer considering there is more soil moisture for the plants to grow.


  • Resistant to Soil Borne Mosiac.
  • Moderately resistant to Leaf Rust & Stripe Rust.
  • Good resistance to Yellow Stripe Rust, Tan Spot and Barley Yellow Dwarf.
  • Moderately Susceptible to acid soils & Septoria Leaf Blotch.

*a WestBred wheat variety.