WB-Grainfield seed wheat for sale

00Edited_WestBred_Logo_PrimaryThis wheat is from:  WestBred
Pedigree: WestBred & K-State experimentals.
This wheat is good for:  areas west of I-35 and south of I-80, the panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas and far eastern Colorado.  Not a good wheat for southeast Kansas.
Notes:  Be patient, it is a bit slow to emerge in the fall.

WB-Grainfield* is a medium-late maturing wheat variety with good test weight, standability and WB-Grainfieldwinter hardiness. This wheat is a proven performer with excellent yields in dryland operations in western Kansas.  It can be heavily grazed in the fall and still have decent yields in the spring.

WB-Grainfield is an excellent variety with high yields in the areas in which it is adapted.


  • Resistant to Soil Borne Mosiac.
  • Moderately resistant to Leaf Rust & Stripe Rust.
  • Good resistance to Yellow Stripe Rust, Tan Spot, Barley Yellow Dwarf.
  • Moderately Susceptible to acid soils & Septoria Leaf Blotch.

*a WestBred wheat variety.