WB-Cedar seed wheat for sale

00Edited_WestBred_Logo_PrimaryThis wheat is from: Westbred.
Pedigree: Sibling to Aspen (white wheat), TAM 302, experimentals with 2180 in pedigree

This wheat is good for: Most of Kansas and those who irrigate in western Kansas, Colorado and the panhandles of Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska.

WB-Cedar* is the red brother to the high yielding white wheat, Aspen. In the K-State and OSU yield tests inWB-Cedar 2011 and 2012, WB-Cedar was considered excellent. While it is moderately resistant to the old and new stripe rusts, spraying with fungicide may improve results. Heads fill very well and WB-Cedar tends to hold its leaves. This wheat recovers from drought and poor growing conditions in the winter and early spring, however, it can get short under drought conditions. Plants are high tillering, and, with excellent straw strength, this wheat is ideal for irrigation conditions. WB-Cedar does well under limited grazing, but cattlemen should look elsewhere.

Characteristics: Short, early maturity wheat. Excellent straw strength with very good winterhardiness.

  • Susceptible to: Hessian fly.
  • Moderately susceptible to: Barley Yellow Dwarf, Septoria leaf blotch, Wheat Streak Mosaic.
  • Moderately resistant to: Septoria leaf blotch, Stem rust, Stripe rust.
  • Resistant to: Powdery mildew, Soilborne mosaic.