WB4458 seed wheat for sale

This wheat is from: WestBred 00Edited_WestBred_Logo_Primary
Overley, WestBred experimentals
This wheat is good for: Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas panhandle, eastern Colorado and most of Nebraska.

Notes: Fungicide application may be needed if stripe or leaf rusts are an issue.

WB-4458WB4458 is the first wheat with WestBred’s new naming system that consists only of numbers.  This wheat yielded very well for Reisig Seeds in the last couple of years even with the extreme drought conditions.  Seed size is very large resulting in high yields even when the stand looks thin.

WB4458 can be grazed on a limited basis and still have decent grain yields the next spring.


  • Medium-height, medium maturity wheat with good winterhardiness and excellent yields.
  • Very susceptible to Scab
  • Moderately susceptible to Hessian fly, powdery mildew, tan spot, and wheat streak mosaic.
  • Resistant to soilborne mosaic, and stem rust.