TAM 114 seed wheat for sale

This wheat is from: Texas AgriLife Research & Marketed by AGSECO.

Pedigree:  TAM 111, TAM 200, Texas & Nebraska experimentals.

This wheat is good for: those who want to graze cattle & still have decent yield to harvest.

NOTE:  You’ll want to be very aware to plant this wheat after the Hessian fly date.

TAM 114*, from Texas A&M AgriLife Research, marketed by AGSECO is proving to be very much like TAM 111 with higher yields and resistance to stripe, leaf, and stem rust.  It can stand heavy grazing and still produce grain in the spring.  TAM-111 ruled for many years, but we are seeing that TAM 114 is the new King of the field.

Bakers love this wheat because it has excellent milling and baking qualities.

You’ll want to note that this wheat has a small seed size and set your air seeders accordingly.

We recommend this wheat for our cattlemen who need to graze cows in the fall.  Every year, this wheat flies out the door, so order early!


  • Very Good:  Drought Tolerance & Test Weight.
  • Resistant to: Stripe Rust, Leaf Rust, Stem Rust.
  • Moderately Resistant: Powdery Mildew.
  • Susceptible to: Scab, Hessian Fly, Wheat Streak Mosaic.