Oat seed for sale


Reisig Seeds has two varieties of oats for sale:

  • Shelby 427 Forage Oats
  • Black Cover Crop Oats

Oats are a fast-growing and versatile cover crop that can be used to build the soil and use for forage or grazing. Oats contain allelopathic compounds in the leaves and roots that hinder tough-to-kill weeds like Palmer Amaranth and Kochia. Oats is a cheap per-acre investment that can help to reduce herbicide expense later.

As a cover crop, oats grows quickly, smothering nearby plants. With a massive root system, oats makes the soil mellow and easy to plant later. They freeze out in the winter, making an excellent trap for snow to hold in precious moisture.

And, cows love to eat oats. Oats produce a substantial amount of early forage, and, unlike other forages, can withstand tremendous grazing pressure shortly after planting. If cut during the soft dough stage, oats makes an excellent hay.

Reisig seeds has both black oats and forage oats for sale. Call David for more information.