Oakley CL seed wheat for sale

WildcatGeneticsLogoThis wheat is from: Kansas Wheat Alliance.

Pedigree: Above, Danby, a K-State experimental.

This wheat is good for: Anyone with wheat streak mosaic issues.

Notes: This is a single-gene Clearfield wheat.

OakleyOakley CL, is the only western Kansas wheat with a natural resistance to the wheat streak mosaic virus. We sell this wheat for this reason alone:  many people have neighbors who don’t take care of their volunteer wheat and, as a result, have to deal with wheat streak mosaic.

While it is a single-gene Clearfield wheat, we don’t recommend this wheat if you have grassy weed issues.  It just doesn’t perform as well the two gene Clearfield varieties.

Oakely CL has the ability to rebound from freeze injury and does very well in western Kansas in dryland operations.


  • Susceptible to: Hessian Fly.
  • Moderately Susceptible to: Tan Spot
  • Resistant to:Wheat Streak Mosaic, Stem Rust, Stripe Rust, Soilborne Mosaic.