LCS-Mint seed wheat for sale

LCS_smallThis wheat is from: LimaGrain Cereal Seeds

Pedigree: LimaGrain experimentals

This wheat is good for: those who have fields with acidic soils.

Notes: This variety may lodge under irrigation. Fungicide application is crucial to prevent scab.

LCS-Mint*, a medium maturity, medium height variety from the LCS-MINTLimaGrain cereal seeds. This is a beautiful wheat in the field with giant heads.

LCS-Mint is an excellent wheat during drought and in acid soil conditions. While it is resistant to stripe rust and Soilborne mosiac, it is susceptible to leaf rust. It has good grazing potential in the fall, however, it has a later spring greenup than most. If scab is a problem in your area, this is not a wheat you want to plant: it is very susceptible to scab.


  • Extremely drought tolerant with very good acid soil tolerance
  • Resistant to: Stripe Rust and Soil-borne Mosaic
  • Moderately Resistant: Stem Rust and Tan Spot
  • Susceptible to: Hessian Fly, Leaf Rust and Scab