Gallagher seed wheat for sale

This wheat is from: Oklahoma Genetics, IncOK_Genetics

Pedigree: Duster, Oklahoma Experimentals including 2180.

This wheat is good for: Cattlemen who want to graze their wheat in the fall and have a decent yields in the spring. Anyone with acid soils.

Notes: Gallagher can have physiological leaf spotting. This looks like tan spot, or septoria, but is actually just a trait of the plant.

Gallagher, a wheat variety from Oklahoma Genetics, Inc, is an early variety with good tolerance to acid soils, barley yellow dwarf, and drought.    Unlike Duster, Gallagher has a large seed size.  It is an early variety that breaks dormancy early, so it may be damaged by a late spring freeze.

This is an excellent variety for cattlemen who want to graze their wheat in the fall and harvest in the spring:  it can withstand heavy grazing.  This is a medium short variety that may be very short in drought conditions.

Gallagher is very susceptible to scab.  If this could be an issue, treat with a fungicide.


  • Resistant to: Hessian fly, leaf rust, stripe rust, soil borne mosaic.
  • Moderately Resistant to: stem rust, powdery mildew, Septoria.
  • Moderately susceptible: Septoria leaf blotch, Stem rust, Tan Spot, Wheat Streak Mosiac
  • Very Susceptible to: Scab