Gallagher seed wheat for sale

This wheat is from: Oklahoma Genetics, IncOK_Genetics

Pedigree: Duster, Oklahoma Experimentals including 2180.

This wheat is good for: Cattlemen who want to graze their wheat in the fall and have a decent yields in the spring. Anyone with acid soils.

Notes: Gallagher can have physiological leaf spotting. This looks like tan spot, or septoria, but is actually just a trait of the plant.

Gallagher, a wheat variety from Oklahoma Genetics, Inc, is an early variety with good tolerance to acid soils, barley yellow dwarf, and drought.  This is the most popular wheat grown in Oklahoma, planted on more acres than the next 4 most popular wheats combined.    Unlike Duster, Gallagher has a large seed size.  It is an early variety that breaks dormancy early, so it may be damaged by a late spring freeze.

This is an excellent variety for cattlemen who want to graze their wheat in the fall and harvest in the spring:  it can withstand heavy grazing.  This is a medium short variety that may be very short in drought conditions.

With adequate fertilization, Gallagher can exceed 12% grain protein, giving it above average baking and milling characteristics.

Gallagher is very susceptible to scab.  If this could be an issue, treat with a fungicide.


  • Resistant to: Hessian fly, leaf rust, stripe rust, soil borne mosaic.
  • Moderately Resistant to: stem rust, powdery mildew, Septoria.
  • Moderately susceptible: Septoria leaf blotch, Stem rust, Tan Spot, Wheat Streak Mosiac
  • Very Susceptible to: Scab