Doublestop CL+ seed wheat for sale

This wheat is from: Oklahoma Genetics, IncOK_Genetics

Pedigree: Experimentals with lines from Mason, Jagger, 2174, TAM 110 & Intrada

This wheat is good for: Anyone with fields with grassy weeds such as rye, cheat grasses, and joint grass.

Notes: This is a two-gene Clearfield variety.

DoublestopDoublestop CL+, a wheat variety from Oklahoma Genetics, Inc, is a two-gene Clearfield variety that can be used with methylated seed oil (MSO) to control grassy weeds. The two gene varieties have better tolerance to Beyond herbicide.

Doublestop CL+ yields well in central and southern Kansas, but does best if it is sprayed with a fungicide if stripe rust is an issue. It can be grazed heavily in the fall for a short time, however, there are other varieties that will yield better in the spring after grazing.

It is tolerant to acid soils.


  • Resistant to: Stem rust, soil borne mosaic.
  • Moderately Resistant to: Leaf rust, Septoria.
  • Moderately susceptible: Barley Yellow Dwarf, Hessian Fly, Wheat Streak Mosaic