Denali seed wheat for sale

WildcatGeneticsLogoThis wheat is from: the Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station, marketed by CWRF in Colorado and the Kansas Wheat Alliance in Kansas.

Pedigree: TAM 111, experimental wheat that is half Yumar

This wheat is good for: Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado.

Notes: Denali’s maturity can vary from year to year. If needed, this variety can be planted a little deeper if needed. Do not plant where Soil-borne Mosaic could occur.

DenaliDenali, is a hard red winter wheat, and was released based on its superior grain yield under non-irrigated and irrigated production conditions across the High Plains region, its high test weight, and its resistance to stripe rust. While TAM 111 is a tough wheat to beat, this one may be the one to do it. It is extremely tolerant of drought conditions and shattering. It is resistant to Hessian fly and is a medium tall wheat, even in drought conditions.


  • Susceptible to: Leaf Rust, Soil-borne Mosaic.
  • Moderately Susceptible to: Barley Yellow Dwarf, Stem Rust, Stripe Rust, Wheat Streak Mosiac
  • Resistant to: Hessian fly