Custom Seed Cleaning

DSC_0148Parked the truck full of grain over the summer only to find you’ve got an infestation of Indian meal moth and cat poo? No problem, we can clean your seed for you.

With our Cimbria Delta Seed cleaner and dual length graders, we can remove not only shriveled seeds and cat poo, but noxious weed seeds such as Bindweed and Goatgrass. Schedule an appointment, and we can have your truck finished the same day so you can be get into the field. And yes, we can treat your seed too.

The Cimbria Delta seed cleaner uses both screens and air to remove extra large particles as well as light and shriveled kernels and insects from the seed stock.

Then, the resulting “good” seed is sent to the dual length graders. Two rotating cylinders classify particulate by “longs” and “shorts.” This will remove any long kernels, such as goat grass, as well as any shorts such as broken heavy kernels that the seed cleaner may have missed.’