Seed Wheat For Sale

Here is a list of all of the seed wheat varieties in one place. To learn more about a particular variety, click on the name.

Name Features Grazing? Company
  • Herbicide tolerance to Beyond & MSO.
  • Use when you need to control feral grasses:  rye, cheatgrasses, goatgrass, etc.
  • Best adapted to north of I-70 & western Kansas.
No  AgriProAgriPro
Bob Dole Wheat
  • Very Good Rust Resistance
  • Tolerant to Fusarium Head Blight
  • Excellent Milling and Baking quality
No AgriProAgriPro
Doublestop CL+
  • Very good test weights & yield potential.
  • Strong tolerance to Clearfield
  • Use when you need to control feral grasses:  rye, cheat grasses, goat grass, etc.
Heavy grazing plus grain. OK_Genetics Oklahoma Genetics
  • More resistant than most to Barley Yellow Dwarf.
  • Good drought tolerance & shattering resistance.
  • Great for those who want to graze in the fall.
Heavy grazing plus grain Oklahoma Genetics.
 Oakley CL
  • The only wheat adapted to western Kansas that has genetic resistance to wheat streak mosaic virus.
  • Good yield potential.
  • Single-gene Clearfield wheat, however, you’ll do better with AP503CL2 or DoubleStop CL+ for grassy weed control.
No Kansas Wheat Alliance
  • Good test weight.
  • Large seed size.
  • Resistant to Stripe Rust, Soil Borne Mosaic.
Limited Grazing AgriPro
 TAM 114
  • As good as TAM 111 with resistance to stripe rust, leaf rust and stem rust.
  • Very good drought tolerance.
  • Very good test weight.
  • Great for cattlemen.
Heavy grazing plus grain Texas A&M
  • Excellent yields across Kansas.
  • Very good test weight.
  • Good drought tolerance.
  • Best adapted to Nebraska, western Kansas and eastern Colorado.
Limited, heavy grazing. 00Edited_WestBred_Logo_Primary