Bob Dole Wheat

AgriProThis wheat is:  developed by Kansas State University and marketed by AgriPro/ Syngenta.

Pedigree: Fuller/ Overley/ Pioneer & K-State experimentals.

This wheat is good for: Central, eastern Kansas, and the northern third of Oklahoma.

Map of adaptation area for Bob Dole Wheat.

Map of adaptation area for Bob Dole Wheat.

Bob Dole Wheat is a hard winter wheat variety from developed by the geneticists at Kansas State and marketed by AgriPro/ Syngenta. This medium maturing medium-tall variety is resistant to Rust and Soilbourne mosaic.

In the trials, Bob Dole Wheat has been a very good and consistent performer.  It also has excellent milling and baking properties.

Because this wheat is tall, it can lodge if it is planted under irrigation or where yields exceed 80 bushels an acre.


  • Resistant to: Leaf, stem and Stripe Rusts, Wheat Streak Mosaic.
  • Moderately Resistant to: Septoria Leaf Blotch & Tan Spot.
  • Moderately Susceptible to: Barley Yellow Dwarf.
  • Susceptible to:  Wheat Streak Mosaic, Hessian Fly.