AP503 CL2 seed wheat for sale

This wheat is from: AgriPro AgriPro
Jagalene, Sibling to Above
This wheat is good for: Fields north of I-70 that must be sprayed to control feral rye, cheat grasses, jointed goatgrass, wild oats, or other problem grasses in their fields.  This variety is a proven variety that will produce even if stressed.
Notes: Fungicide application may be needed if stripe or leaf rusts are an issue. This is not a good grazing wheat.

AP503CL2 wheat - area of primary adaptation

AP503CL2 wheat – area of primary adaptation

AP503 CL2 is the first wheat variety with two genes for herbicide tolerance. Compared to the “one-gene” wheat varieties, it has much more resistance to Beyond® herbicide. You can also use methylated seed oil (MSO) with Beyond in the spring and fall to improve the control of problem grasses such as: downy and Japanese brome, rye, Persian Darnel, Jointed Goat Grass and Wild Oats and ACCase resistant wild oats.

This wheat has gained popularity in the Central Plains because it works so well to control problem grasses.

Because AP503 CL2 is susceptible to leaf and stripe rust, fungicide must be applied so it can reach its full yield potential. It performs best in western Kansas, Eastern Colorado and into Nebraska where it shows excellent winter-hardiness.

Because AP503 CL2 is so closely related to Jagalene, is has many of the same characteristics. Like Jagalene, it is slow to come out of winter dormancy. Unlike Jagalene, however, it is only moderately susceptible to powdery mildew.


  • Semi-dwarf, medium maturity wheat with good straw strength, good emergence and good winter survival.
  • Susceptible to Hessian fly, Leaf rust, Stripe Rust & Scab
  • Moderately susceptible to Powdery mildew, Tan Spot & Wheat Streak Mosiac
  • Moderately resistant to Septoria leaf blotch
  • Resistant to Stem Rust